DIY Fall Shorts (Coming soon)

DIY Fall Shorts (Coming soon)

Yes that’s right…Coming soon will be step-by-step instructions on how to turn awesome Goodwill dress pants into the very trendy fall shorts. Get ready to impress the masses with your ridiculously cheap fashion trend.


Trunk Show and Summer Fashion

Trunk Show!!!

I’m getting ready to have a trunk show at the end of June. While I hope it brings in a little more fun cash I mainly want to do this so I can get people excited about fashion again. Unfortunately, it feels like fashion is starting to lose it’s thrill with as fast as the fashion cycles are changing. I want people to enjoy what they’re wearing an not worry about what fads are happening today. I want women to feel confidently sexy in what they have on; clothing is just an extension of a person’s personality and I want to be the beacon that helps that personality shine. So for anyone who may be following my posts, June 28 I will be  hosting a trunk show featuring custom made skirts plus various other articles of one-of-a-kind clothing. 

Onto other news, Summer 2013 fashion – Summers in the south are just gross at times, so it’s nice to know I can choose a nice flowy top & bottom and be right in line with the fashion trends. I’m really glad the skin tight Britney Spears kind of look is starting to go out of style. Easy wearing and loose fitting clothing is making a comeback! (YES!!!) Now keep in mind that I’m not talking about skinny jeans when I say skin tight clothing; I have a feeling skinny jeans are going to be around for quite a while. They may change colors and patterns, but the silhouette will soon become a staple piece (you can thank Audrey Hepburn for that).

Crop tops are making a comeback but in a much better way. Instead of having your belly button and muffin top showing (ew), the crop tops are showing off a girls best feature…. her rib cage. While you may not thing this would be a sexy feature; the rib cage lies just above a women’s natural waistline which is the slimmest part of a her figure. A lot of fashion shows will say the slimmest part of the female body is under the bust line (depending your shape this is right)…. however, for most shapes the natural waistline is the slimmest which is what is being shown off with this summer’s fashion pieces. 

I’m glad to see that designers are starting to use healthier looking models. I’m not going to judge those designers who choose to have the stick figure models…some girls just won the gene lottery and shouldn’t be criticized for being so skinny. However, some girls see that figure and think they should look that way too. Healthy, athletic built models are a much better role model for the younger generation to strive for and I’m glad I’m seeing more of that body type on the runway. Check out these gals…they are quite inspirational:

This summer will be a great fashion scenery as pretty much anything goes. While I personally don’t like the skin tight clothing, it can still be worn and not too many people will judge 😉  I’m kidding… like I said before, fashion is way of showing off your personality. Wear what you want and wear it proudly. Confidence is probably the most sexiest thing a woman can wear… just own what you’re wearing and everyone will respect you for it.

Nashville Fashion Week – Wednesday Night

Who said Nashville isn’t fashionable???? They obviously haven’t been here in a while because WOW! My first runway show EVER and it was a great one to see.


To view more pictures that were taken on the runway by some great photographers; go to  Photographs are categorized by day and where they were taken.

What did I think?

I thought the show and the designers were absolutely amazing and truly inspring. The designers that were featured on on the Wednesday night runway are:

Kat Seaton, TUFT, Black by Maria Silver, Pink Elephant, and T. Rains

Kat Seaton

Photographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel Perry

The color palette for this collection resonates with the Pantone Fall 2013 predictions. The mixture of soft frills with clean lines is a great look for just about any body type. Kat offered a little bit of something for everyone throughout her collection and I found it to be just wonderful. I especially love the pop of teal green with the bow scarf (I’m going to have to start wearing my scarves like that).


Photographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Layla MaysPhotographer: Layla Mays

The color palette had more softer appeal that was closer to Spring 2013 rather than Fall 2013. The frills and unique flare that the designer of TUFT added to this collection is definitely fun to see and is falling right in line with the current Spring 2013 RTW collections happening on Paris and New York runways. I like that TUFT is trying to bring back the iconic Alicia Silverston in ‘Clueless’ look with the transparent knee high stockings and Mary Jane heels.

Pink Elephant

Photographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel Perry

One of my favorite designers of the night. I just love the versatility that this designer has; starting out with the Marie Claire look, going into a vixen/dominatrix look, then to the elegant yet artistic evening look (the yellow gown featured at the top of this post is also Pink Elephant), and ending in futuristic couture. This is one designer that I’m definitely going to be following and use as inspirations for my future collections. These types of designs are what I was expecting to see on a runway and loved every minute watching them walk by. The pictures say it all… this designer is AMAZING!

Black by Maria Silver

Photographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel Perry

Bringing in the darker color palette for Fall 2013 and doing a play on the 1920’s – 1940’s era; this collection told a story while going down the runway. I could clearly see the inspiration behind the collection and loved that the colors flowed so well together. This designer took her time and made sure that her collection represented herself and said exactly what it needed to to capture the audience’ attention. (The image above with the velvet off shoulder and flirty short is also by Maria Silver)

T. Rains

Photographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel PerryPhotographer: Daniel Perry

The show ended with this talented designer; this collection included everything you could possibly imagine to walk down the runway. He had menswear thrown in the mix as well (but those looks didn’t make it into my favorites list…hence not pictured on this post 🙂  I love the boldness of this designer and his fearlessness he took with creating unique silhouettes and color combinations. I respect the fact that he made a garment using an American flag and did it in a very tasteful manner. This collection was definitely something to be seen and I truly encourage you to visit to see everything this designer and all the rest had to offer.

Wednesday night’s show was spectacular and I can only imagine the rest of the week’s shows just got better and better. Next year I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the all access pass and attend every show. This was truly a treat to the fashionistas of Nashville 🙂

Spring 2013 – What’s on the Runway?

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve been one busy lady putting together 2 collections for 2 different Fashion venues. I put together a small Fall 2013 collection for Nashville Fashion Week and a full collection of Spring 2014 for a Belk competition. Unfortunately I didn’t get in to NFW or make it to the semi finals of the Belk competition, but that’s okay, I’ll just be more prepared for next year 🙂

Anyway, Spring 2013 is upon us which means a wardrobe change will be happening (I love this time of year). It’s like going shopping because if you’re anything like me, you forget what all you have season-to-season. So here’s some key trends that are hitting the runways that you can add to your newly changed wardrobe:

Alexander McQueen – my personal favorite designer name. Not afraid to use bold darker colors for spring – For this season you’ll notice the honeycomb affect McQueen was going for throughout the designs. Bold color choices, bold architecture, bold accessories = one amazing collection.


Yves Saint Laurent – Again, another designer that’s not afraid to go dark for Spring. A play on the witch / witch hunter look is a fun way to bring darkness into Spring.


Chloe` – For a more feminine look, Chloe put together a thrills and frill type of collection. The color palette is neutral and light working well for that breath of fresh air that comes with the warmer spring weather.

chloe chloe chloe

Jean Paul Gaultier – This collection is very fun and stream line; definitely designed for the artistic soul with confidence to walk tall. I love the color palette chosen for this collection; the bold mixed with the soft is brilliant.


Harper’s Bazaar is where I found these images. These are from Paris Fashion Week which I hope to one day be a part of.

New Years Resolution Time!

Last night or today most everyone is making their New Years resolutions and making a plan to make it work this year. Most people’s will be to lose weight, exercise more, or find someone to love. These are all great things to hope for for 2013 and if these are your resolutions then I wish you the best of luck; however, most resolutions tend to lose their sparkle around February or March. Life tends to happen and the resolution just get swept under the rug.

So what’s my resolution for 2013 you might ask? Well… I’ve decided that for the year 2013 I’m going attempt to not buy a new piece of clothing from a retail store. Don’t get me wrong, a girl loves to have some retail therapy and I may not be able to hold true to that statement, but I’m going to see just how long I can go without buying clothing from retail. Keep in mind the “retail”… Thrift stores are not included in retail shopping which is where I find my loophole to get my shopping fix. For 2013 any shopping that I do will be at thrift stores which will help me practice my creativity to re-purpose some old fashion clothing.

If you’re interested in re-purposing clothing, is a great source to find those DIY ideas. Also just Google Images using keywords such as “repurposed t-shirt”, “tie shirt”, “upcycled scarf”…something along those lines will give you hundreds of ideas of what to do to your own wardrobe.

To add on to my resolution, any re-purpose clothing/accessories I come up with I’ll post here so y’all can have some inspiration of you own. I hope everyone has a wonderful and adventurous 2013!
MJ Simpson Design Logo

Fall Fashion Trends 2012

I love where fashion is going this season. If it could be fall all year around I would be the happiest girl in the world. If you’re from the south you know exactly what I mean. T’is the season to finally start putting away the Daisy Duke’s and bringing out the luxurious comfy sweaters. In case you haven’t figured it out from the title; I’m going to be giving you a clue on what’s coming up this Fall.  Here in Nashville it’s finally starting to feel like Fall which has put me in the mood to see what’s trending this season.

What I love so much about Fall 2012 is that it’s taking us back to our Grandmother’s fashion when they were our age (mid 20’s/early 30’s). High neck lines, wider shoulders, feminine waistlines, decorative hats/gloves/scarves, but most of all GLAM!! Oh how I’ve waited so long to be able to wear the ultimate 1930’s glam in public and not have it look like  costume. Here are some helpful pictures from Glamour to set the mood for the rest of the post;

L-R: Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Michael KorsL-R: Tadashi Shoji, Costello Tagliapietra, Zac Posen

To give you some context on fashion revolution and how the phrase “back in style” actually has meaning; check out these fashion pieces from the 1930’s:



Notice any similarities? While this fashion era may not have been the “sexiest” or “hottest” fashion trend, it definitely had the most glam and respect of the fashion eras. Think about it, in Hollywood terms, 1930 – 1959 was known as the “Golden Era”. When you think of actresses such as Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh (Gone with the Wind main actress), the iconic Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, or Doris Day…you can’t help but just think of ultimate glam and respect for them. These actresses truly set the tone of fashion during this era and has made it possible for this possible to transcend time.

For an ending to this post, here are the color trends that are happening for Fall/Winter 2012/2013. Hope all of you have a wonderful day!

Busy Busy & more Busy!

My life feels like a constant runway show right now.sober since word got around that I designed and created a wedding dress, business has taken off. I’m currently working on a ballroom dance costume. It should be pretty sassy when I’m finished. Of course there will be pics. this is gonna be short because I’m doing this from my iPhone and auto correct is getting on my last nerve. So til next time!


Wedding Fever

I finally finished all the dresses that I had on my plate. They all turned out beautifully. Right now I have pics of the wedding dress that are ready to be posted which will be featured at the end of this post.  It was quite the adventure making my first wedding dress. I actually had to completely start over because the first dress just didn’t come out as well as I had planned. But it’s a learning experience and let me tell ya, I learned a lot making this dress on what works and what doesn’t.

While this dress was quite the challenge, I think it opened up doors to a future career for me. I like creating something this beautiful and meaningful for a client. When the bride tried on her dress at her final fitting, her and her best friend were nearly in tears because they loved it so much. That felt amazing because they were so attached to something I created. I’m not an emotional person, but I got a little choked up seeing their reactions.

The great thing is I get to experience that feeling again soon as I will be designing my best friends wedding dress. As you can probably guess I have absolute wedding fever at the moment J It just feels good to not actually be the bride and have to worry about the stress of the actual wedding. I get to have hand in all the fun stuff that goes with a wedding (not worrying about how the in-laws are going like my family, how our friends are going to get along, why does my mother want to use so much tulle everywhere…). Making this dress made realize just how much I actually like weddings and putting together all the decorations; made me think that I could actually make a career of making special occasion wear. So here’s a few pics of the dress (with the brides permission of course). Hope you like!



Fun Fashion Facts (good use of alliteration right :-)


Whew…it has been one heck of a week. I’m finishing up two dresses for a client tomorrow which I’m totally excited about (I’ll post pics of them soon. I was going to finish them tonight, but I’m just too dang tired. I’m working crazy amounts of overtime which sadly means sewing has to take a backseat 😦  BUT, I don’t come empty handed. I’m  going to provide some fun facts about fashion that I hope make you go “WHHAAAAAAAAAAATT!?!” (say it like the Despicable Me minions to get the full effect). I’ve also displayed one of my favorite dresses that I’ve made in the past.

To start our fun fashion lesson I’m going to be digging into a book called Survey of Historic Costume . Believe it or not, this is one of my college books and I’m uber proud of myself for putting it to good use (instead of boxing it up with the rest of college books such as Accounting and English crap…I mean…intellectually enhancing materials)

Fun fact numero one starts off with a question: Did you know that tree bark was used as type of fabric? (here’s the time when you go “WHHAAAAAAAATTT”) … I know right! When I read this part of the book I was like “Shut the front the door!” But seriously, back in the day when people figured out how to spin yard and weave fabrics, they tried using the inner layer of the bark of trees to make what was called “barkcloth”. As you can imagine, wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world. They soon figured out that cotton, wool, and linen were more pleasing materials to work with (thank God).

I think what I love so much about fashion is its origin; the earliest depictions of clothing are found in prehistoric cave paintings from the Old Stone Age or Early Paleolithic Period. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, this period time occurred approximately 30,000 years ago (did anyone’s automatically think dinosaurs?….no….just me….okay). Archeologists found sewing tools make of stone and bone to help assist with sewing together what was more than likely animal skins. Make you really appreciate the sewing machine now doesn’t it. I couldn’t imagine trying to sew something delicate with a stone needle…heck, I couldn’t imaging trying to sew an animal skin together with a stone or bone needle. Thank you technology!

Well that does it for the fashion facts (don’t want to learn you too much…might scare you away). But I hope you enjoyed the lil’ bit of knowledge I was able to get from my book. I’m hoping to get the pics of the dresses posted sometime over the weekend. My company is throwing a big party at the Nashville Zoo which I’m absolutely excited about: Open bar AND wild animals…doesn’t get much better than that!

First Fashion Blog

Hey Everyone! So this is my first blog and I’m rather excited about it. Hopefully you all will find it enjoyable too. The purpose of this blog is to explore the awesome world of fashion. My ultimate goal is to go as long as possible without purchasing closthes from a traditional department store. I’ll be providing some insite on how to make old clothes fashionable again, altering thrift store finds, displaying my own designs, providing fun facts about fashion and also forecasting fashion trends.

So who am I? Well…I recently graduated from college with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising. Like most college students, I have the degree but not a career that relates to my degree (*tear). I currently work for a giant company doing medial desk work (ugh…I know right!). I can’t complain too much because it’s paying my mortgage and other bills. In my free time I design/ make clothing and jewlery. My grandmother was an avid seamstress and made some beautiful dresses (I’ll post pictures later). My mother also knows how to sew; so I suppose it’s in my genes to design and make clothes. 

I have a lot more fun altering clothes though 🙂  Going thrifting is one of my most favorite things to do. Spending $20 in a thrift store and make the clothing look like it’s worth a total of $100…now that’s fun. During this blog I’ll show “before” and “after” pictures of the clothes I find. Feel free to utilize any ideas you see or anything you happen to learn. I’m currently finishing up 2 special occassion dresses and a wedding dress so there will be a bit of delay before I can really get going with this blog and how you fun alterations. BUT…I will get on here and talk about current fashion trends and what will be coming up in future seasons. So stay tuned and I’ll talk to y’all again soon! In the meantime, enjoy the following pic. The shirt and jeans are my design (and no…that is not me in this pic. It’s one of my good friends who was willing to help me out with a photoshoot).